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Best Garage Door Openers Reviews 2018

Do you have any problems with opening your garage door? Does it take you much energy to open your noisy garage door? If yes, then it is the right time to reinvest in this asset to make your life more convenient.

Buying a decent garage door opener, you additionally obtain the corresponding equivalent of functionality and ease of operating a garage door, same as switching channels on television. That’s right, the only thing you need to operate a garage door is to press garage door control buttons. The control can be obtained in the distance either from a car or outside, or with the help of remote control.

In addition to considering the purchase of the garage door opener, you may question the ease of installation process. A wide range of models availability on the market may confuse any potential customer. This article will guide your choice by providing detailed reviews of various garage door openers and familiarise you with their characteristics and capabilities. By the end of review you will be able to match your needs with models’ specifications and make the right choice for yourself. Our experts selected and created detailed reviews of 5 best-rated openers that are presented to your attention below.


Reasons to Invest in Garage Door Opener

Any garage door opener is used for automatic opening or shutting the garage doors. It is equipped with an automated mechanic technology powered by electricity. After the installation of garage door opener you will not need much effort to open or shut your garage door that previously was an exhausting work.

There are times when a door can become so jammed that a person can hardly open it by her/himself. It is especially inconvenient for a people without strong physical training or who are simply not too strong, such as women or young people. That is one of core reasons to obtain a high-quality garage door opener – to ensure the ease and comfort while opening or shutting the garage door.

Guide to Choose Your Best Garage Door Opener

The choice of your best garage door opener is not a piece of cake unless you are experienced enough. If you would like to experience an enjoyable buying and installation process from the beginning, the prior extensive market research is required. It is crucial to get familiarised with first-hand user reviews and weigh all decisive buying factors staring from estimated budget and concluding by brands and safety. We broke down the entire process into 2 broad steps:

Step 1. Consider product’s specifications

Consider the garage door type, size and the operating type (automatic or remote control). Do you prioritise the safety or more inclined to follow the latest trends? Will that be a new installation or just a replacement for the old garage door? What type of automatic garage door opener will suit you the best? Do you require an extension kit in case your door is taller than standard measures of 6 inches?

Step 2. Choose the Brand

A highly saturated market offers a wide range of models within each garage door producer. The following selection process will considerably ease and help to get to the right choice of yours:

  1. Firstly, select the brands that corresponds your budget range,
  2. Check their manufactured models,
  3. Select 2-3 models from each brand,
  4. Compare the list of models’ specifications,
  5. Finally, choose the best one for you.

Market offers three main types of garage door opener: chain, screw and belt driver openers. Prior to considering and comparing their specifications, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects of product:

  • Door dimensions, such as weight,
  • Door features, such as lights and battery backup, keyless entry pad, remote control and compatibility,
  • Quality of the door as it serve as the basis for durability, warranty, safety, security and price.
Key FeaturesChain DriveScrew DriveBelt Drive
Price RangeUsually LowAverageUsually High
CompatibilityAny door typeOne-piece tilting doorsAny door type
Lifting CapabilitiesIncluding the heaviest doorsHighHigh
Maintenance CostsLowLowHigh
Noise levelHighAverageLow
Maintenance FrequencyLowHighLow
Replacement CostsLowLowLow


Chain Driver Opener

Chain drive models of garage door openers are equipped with a metallic chain to perform opening and shutting functions. Its chain construction is identical to the bicycle chain that offers a long time durability. Chain needs to be lubricated or greased, otherwise it produces noise.

Screw Drive Opener

This garage door opener has a long metal rod that is threaded like any screw. There are also more moving parts used to operate lifting or shutting functions.

Belt Drive Opener

A belt drive model uses a rubber belt for opening and shutting the garage door. The rubber material assures avoids wear and tear of other parts, providing additional durability to entire system and the most quiet operation among all opener types. Hence, it requires only occasional replacement in years’ time.

Choice of Motor Power

Never forget to choose a motor that has an appropriate power to lift specifically your garage door. It depends on drive’s type and the door itself. The suitability comes in particular:

  • For a standard door – ½ hp garage door opener,
  • For wooden doors – ¾ hp model,
  • For industrial or oversized doors – 1 hp model.

You can also consider AC or DC motor in line with your needs. It is often viewed as premium by providing the extended motor power and usually does not have a substantial effect on price increase.

Top 5 Top Garage Door Opener Reviews

Score Dimensions (out of 10)Chamberlain Ultra Quiet (WD832KEV)8500 LiftMaster Elite Series® (Wall Mount)Chamberlain Whisper Drive (WD962KEV)Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HPChamberlain 3/4-Horsepower HP Chain Drive (PD752D)
Overall Rank12345
Safety & Security10101087
Warranty & Support997109


Overall Rank: №1

Brand: Chamberlain        Model: Ultra Quiet (WD832KEV)

  • Design Score: 9/10
  • Hardware Score: 10/10
  • Safety and Security Score: 10/10
  • Warranty and Support Score: 9/10

The particular model is ultra quiet, has 1/2 hp motor power and operates on the belt drive. Its durable and noiseless appliance comes top at the list of all garage door opener models. It has an attractive hardware and smart security system that contribute to its number one rank. An integrated ‘Time to Closure’ feature automatically shuts your garage door after 5-10 minutes if you have forgotten to do so. Thanks to its high performance, the door does not even produce any sound while being opened or shut. It has numerous most prominent features, such as power efficiency and battery support. Additionally, it allows you to operate a garage door via your smartphone. It is equipped with Chamberlain unique MyQ technology that enables to open or shut garage door with the help of the smart MyQ app that is available for Android and Apple users.



Overall Rank: №2

Brand: LiftMaster             Model: 8500 Elite Series® (Wall Mount)

  • Design Score: 10/10
  • Hardware Score: 7/10
  • Safety and Security Score: 10/10
  • Warranty and Support Score: 9/10

8500 LiftMaster Elite Series Wall Mount gets the second place on our five best-rated garage door openers list and lets us explain why it is so. This garage door opener provides you with security and safety as well as extreme ease while using it. This smart garage-door opener continuously monitors the garage door height and the force required to shut or lift it as well as the atmospheric conditions. Its variable force feature helps you to adjust the opening/shutting speed at a different position level of your garage door. Its power consumption and battery usage rate are very economical and user-friendly. The highly encrypted codes, used for shutting and opening the door, change every time you open or close your door. However, in the case of power outage, it is still possible to manage the garage door manually. The producers also provide 5-year product parts warranty and a lifetime motor warranty.


Overall Rank: №3

Garage door opener Chamberlain WD832KEV

Brand: Chamberlain        Model: Whisper Drive (WD962KEV)

  • Design Score: 9/10
  • Hardware Score: 10/10
  • Safety and Security Score: 10/10
  • Warranty and Support Score: 7/10

Another Chamberlain’s excellent product gets into our list of 5 best-rated garage door openers and ranks as third. Aside from its beautiful design, Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive has everything that can be expected from top quality garage door opener. That is why this garage door opener holds its position among top rated products. We consider it to score 10 out of 10 in hardware because of superior, durable and appealing design. Moreover, it is provided with two remote controls instead of one, where each is equipped with large buttons to assure the comfort use even when holding many heavy bags in your hands. It was also scored 10 out of 10 in safety and security category. The system codes for shutting and opening the door are different each time you send a command so that you can feel safe about the code hackers. Furthermore, the garage door opener has manual control access, in case you have lost your remote control.

As to warranty and support category, you will be pleased to know that this appliance also has 10 out of 10 in this category. This garage door opener offers a lifetime warranty on motor and belt and 5-year warranty on other parts. Moreover, telephone and online help and support are available as well.


Overall Rank: №4

Garage door opener Chamberlain WD832KEV

Brand: Direct Drive          Model: 1042V001 3/4 HP

  • Design Score: 8/10
  • Hardware Score: 7/10
  • Safety and Security Score: 8/10
  • Warranty and Support Score: 10/10

Owning the Direct Drive 1042V 001 ¾ HP brings the state of art technological advancements to your house. Having the affordable price, this excellent appliance provides a higher value then door opener of this level. It is usually considered as not belonging to the range of general door openers, however, we argue that this model is the reverse. Unlike to the screw, chain and belt drive models, the Direct Drive has only one moving part operated by its motor. It is quiet, durable and highly reliable. However, the installation will require a professional assistance. It can be used for garage doors as well as home doors. Its features are not limited to those mentioned above. Above that, this model offers battery timing for approximately 30000 hours and a lifetime warranty.


Overall Rank: №5

Garage door opener Chamberlain WD832KEV

Brand: Chamberlain        Model: PD752D (3/4-Horsepower HP Chain Drive)

  • Design Score: 8/10
  • Hardware Score: 7/10
  • Safety and Security Score: 7/10
  • Warranty and Support Score: 9/10

Owning an affordable price and customised with great features, this opener is a perfect option for a any type of garage door. Due to these reasons it was granted the 5th position in top 5 review. Chamberlain PD752D provides a fantastic combination of performance, price and quality. Since it is easy and fast to install, there is no need to hire professionals to get it installed. It has a smart security system that protects you from accidental closures, as well as break-ins and theft. There are invisible light beams transmitted to the floor when the system closes the door. If there is anything detected on its way, the door reverses back automatically to avoid damage.

According to other reviews, this appliance is more reliable than any other door opener available on the market. Therefore, a one-year limited warranty on its parts and limited lifetime warranty on its motor are quite enough for the users’ peace of mind.



A Guide for Buying the Top Garage Door Opener

There is a number of factors that a rational buyer should consider prior to purchasing a garage door opener. To buy a best model to fit your garage, expectations and budget, the consideration of following aspects will give a fundamental support in this decision:

Step 1. Choose the Brand

Opener’s size and material type features considerably differs throughout the market of garage door openers. This consequently affects the weight dimensions of a final product. Motors power will differ depending on the type of garage doors installed in your house. The consideration of all three points mentioned in the paragraph is important to ensure safe and smooth lifting operation of your garage doors.

There are three main power capacity sizes exist of garage door openers: 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp, and 3/4 hp. It is worth mentioning that 1/3 hp garage door opener can open one door and the rest are able to handle 2to doors. However, since a more powerful garage door opener has a longer average performance time, it is advised to select an opener with a more powerful motor.

Step 2. Type of Garage Door Opener

Secondly, there is the need to decide what garage door opener type you would like to install. As mentioned earlier in review, there are three generic garage door opener types: belt, chain and screw drive. Considering their pros and cons, which have also been stated above, you may choose the one that suits you the best.

Step 3. The Speed of Opener

Each brand and even each appliance has its own speed. Typically, an average garage door opener can lift up a garage door by 7 inches/sec. This measure is usually considered as the market average, however, there are diversifications of faster and slower speeds up to double. The knowledge of preferable speed may significantly ease the choice by limiting the number of potential openers to consider as an option.

Step 4. The Installation Process

There are numerous ways to install the garage door opener. Depending on the type, various factors should be considered while deciding on the installation method. Moreover, you will need to have a close familiarization about the entire installation process in the case you have decided that you wish to install it yourself. However, you may also get some professional services to do it for you.

Step 5. Brand and Carrier of Garage Door Opener

Next step is choosing the right brand and the relevant model of the appliance for your garage door. When you select the product of a definite brand, you should pay attention to the warranty provided for its motor as well as other parts. It is worth to compare the appliance prices as you may run the risk to significantly hurt personal budget.

Step 6. Go For Your Garage Door Opener

After considering all aspects listed above, you will be ready to purchase your garage door opener and get it installed.

Do not forget about the safety measures while you will be installing the garage door opener. We strongly recommend you to involve an expert or at least to consult with experienced person about the installation of appliances.

A Checklist for Purchasing a Garage Door Opener

It’s recommended to develop your checklist of the factors/issues that you will consider while purchasing a garage door opener. To make it easier for you, a sample list is illustrated below:

  • The brand and models you are interested in,
  • Your garage door opener price range and approximate total installation cost,
  • Warranty status of the appliance’s part and motor,
  • The equipment required for installing,
  • Method and frequency of maintenance.

Please consider that it is only a sample checklist. Any point can be removed or added, depending on your conditions and limits.


Garage door openers are very helpful in assisting you to open and close heavy garage doors, ensuring great convenience and comfort. Nowadays, there is an excellent variety of much-improved garage doors on the market, as well as a broad range of garage door openers. So that it is quite easy to find and choose the very brand and model that suits you the most. Many of these garage door openers are superior in terms of durability, quality, and price. Thanks to this fact, we have created our list of 5 best-rated garage door openers, mentioned above and supplied it with decent reviews. However, it is up to you to decide which garage door opener is the best for you.

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Best Garage Door Openers Reviews 2018
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