Linear Garage Door Openers Reviews

Linear garage door openers reviews

There exist a wide range of garage door openers and a Linear one is considered to be one of the best buys. To select the best linear opener, one should know what key factors to pay attention to when choosing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of every model; what it is made of, its durability etc. Only making a good research and gathering a lot of information- the best choice would be made. Here is a review of a few top ranked linear garage door openers.

Linear Model LDCO800

There is a tendency that people complain of the loudness of the opener though it is not the case with the LDCO 800. It is the quietest model among all garage door openers. Moreover, it is very powerful and its lifting force is 800-900 Newton. Among other its pros is the simplicity of usage and that it is DC-powered. The performance of this particular model is just perfect and extremely smooth while closing and opening. This particular opener will definitely serve you a long time.

Linear Model LCO75

There are garage door openers for commercial and house needs. The LCO75 belongs to house usage and according to its features it is the most powerful among all other openers. Though it is very powerful, it doesn’t make much noise as it is equipped with a special “noise reduction” technology. Its duty cycle rating is 13 operations in 1 hour which makes about 50 duty operations per day. The door opener is very durable and the reason for that is the material it is made of – still frame. Other advantages include the following:

  •  smooth and quiet operation;
  • durability;
  • automatic reconnect trolley;
  •  Torque sensing technology;

Linear Model LSO50

Another model of the garage door openers that is extremely quiet is the LSO50. It doesn’t only operate without making any noise, but it also reduces the vibrations which might appear during the opening or closing. This is not a usual opener, it is a belt-drive “machine”. A lot of people from residential areas opt for this particular model as it is quiet and with great performance. Moreover, it has a very high-security aspect which means that there will not be any undesirable access and that all the assets will be safe.

Linear Model LDO50

If you are searching for a perfect and heavy-duty garage door opener then the Linear Model LDO50 is exactly what you need. Even though it belongs to the heavy openers, it still functions very quietly and smoothly, without producing much noise. This model will serve you for at least several years. Therefore, if you are searching for extreme quality and durability – that’s your model.

Linear Model LDO33

As all the 4 previously mentioned Linear models of garage door openers, the LDO 33 can also boast with excellent performance, high quality, reduction of noise (almost no noise can be heard), durability etc. Speaking more detailed about its security system – it is very powerful, which means that nobody will have a chance to break in, for example, burglars or thieves. The asset will be 100% safe.


The choice of Linear models is very big and if you are searching for openers for homes, then any model from the Linear brand will satisfy all your needs. Therefore in order to make the final decision, we do recommend you to read more information about each model of the Linear garage door opener models. Apart from dry information and data, you will also be capable of finding people’s feedback and comments as well as their pros and cons. All this will guide you to the right decision.