Chamberlain PD210D Garage Door Opener #1

Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive Security-Plus garage door opener review


If you need your dwelling garage door opener to perform freely and firmly, and to be reasonably priced, the PD210D Power Drive model is the right choice for you.The ½ horsepower security and chain-drive operation will fulfil all your expectations from this product. This garage door opener has the range of catchy features that are expanded throughout the review.


This power drive garage door opener offers some great features for its owners, and the most important of them are covered in the text below.

Undoubted Protection

Chamberlain PD210D garage opener will protect your property at 100%. It is featured with an intelligent control system that uses a unique digit code that prompts open and close orders to the opener.

Each time the order is prompted, the system creates a unique code, which is used to perform the command. The system is able to generate one hundred billion digit combinations that are used as codes. After the code was used, it is never used again. So, there is no possibility that a stranger or a robber will be able to come up with the right code to prompt any commands for the garage door.

Defence from Unexpected Closure

Since the installation of garage door opener system became widely trading, an important issue arose among the users of these systems: the accidental closure of garage doors, leading to the breakage of owner’s personal belongings. The Chamberlain company paid attention to resolving the systematic issue in PD210D model, and, as a result, created a free from accidental closure system.

When the door is at the open position, the system prompts invisible rays that scan the area where the door operates. These rays are able to identify the presence of obstacles or objects within this area. If there are any objects identified, the system will never prompt closure command.

Stable, Long-time Performance

The owner of Chamberlain PD210D will enjoy the defect-free and reliable performance of the door opener for a long time period, that will repay his/her investment by the hassle-free system and calmness regarding the protection of in-house belongings. The PD210D’s motor comes with a 6-year warranty and the manufacturer provides the short-term warranty for other parts of the product.

According to the search, the Chamberlain PD210D earned a good reputation and comments by positive reviews of its owners on the Amazon. These facts underline the reliability of the particular door opener that makes it a good investment. Moreover, there are plenty of additional advantages that product bring to its users. All of them are released to the owners of the Chamberlain PD210D when using the product.

The Chamberlain PD210D – Power Drive ½ HorsePower: The Characteristics

The PD210D’s power drive definitely stands out from the various models issued currently on the market of automatic garage door openers. The power drive owns the range of benefits, which make it a high-quality product. The mix of durability, noise-free and smooth operation are the most fundamental advantages of this product. The extended list of the Chamberlain PD210D model has been presented to the reader’s view below:

  • The ‘security+’ rolling code system that guarantees the inability of codes cracking.
  • Equipped with the light sensors features with the object identifier function that prevent accidental close command.
  • Quick-Rail smart system that allows a hassle-free and quick installation.
  • Remote control functions, which is capable of sending signals from the inside of the car.
  • High-quality industrial power motor with ½ horsepower featured by a 6-year warranty.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Similar to other products of its type, the Chamberlain PD210D power drive ½ horsepower security-plus chain drive garage door opener differentiates a list of strengths and weaknesses about it. Briefly covering both sides of the product, the lists are would be as following:



This part covers the strengths of the Chamberlain PD210D door opener:

  • Time-saving assembly and simple installation.
  • Produces less noise while operating with the comparison of other models within the same price range.
  • Durable and smooth performance.
  • 6-year motor warranty and short-term warranty on other parts of the system.
  • Defence from unexpected closure.
  • Unique-code creation security system against cracking.
  • The main battery backup system during the power cuts to ensure the continuous performance.
  • A lifetime quality product, which will avoid parts replacement and minimize the maintenance costs.
  • Remote control support.
  • Vehicle-integrated system to control the garage door for indoors and outdoors light control.
  • The choice of manual control, performed directly from the control panel.
  • Quality and price equality.



Even though this model has a great performance, there are several negative issues its owner point out in their feedbacks.

  • Some users stated that the Chamberlain PD210D produces a higher level of noise that it was expected when performing the door opening.
  • The door opener operates slowly, however, the performance is steady each time it operates. It would be useful to check whether the garage door is in the relevant weight range of opener’s capability.
  • The industrial motor is not competent to operate with the doors of heavy or extra-heavy categories. No doubt, as the particular model was produced as suitable for light and medium-weight categories of garage doors.

The Guide Towards the Correct Use of the Chamberlain PD210D

To ensure a steady performance, the correct installation on its own will not provide a lifetime durability. It is crucial to pay attention to the continuous maintenance and right utilisation of the product. There are certain and simple bits of advice that will ensure the long-time and smooth operation of garage door opener if to follow all of them.

  •  Go through the entire installation manual: Prior and during the installation process, it is crucial to be aware and follow the instructions listed in the manual. Please note that no matter how highly skilled and perfectly aware you are about the product, each manufacturer and each product has its own nuances. Without using the manual, even minor issues may cause the breakage or disable the work of the entire system.
  • Periodically Check the Condition of Product’s Parts: According to the instructions and users’ feedbacks, it is considered the best to set up the quarterly or half-year maintenance check of all garage door opener’s parts. Keep in mind to oil the garage door opener’s chain on the regular basis to assure the minimise the noise level as well as to maintain the smooth operation of commands. In the case when you observed any uncommon activities of the product, contact the company’s dealer or the official customer support provider for the advice on the resolution of any issue.


Finally, to underline the features of the Chamberlain PD210D power drive ½ horsepower security-plus chain drive garage door opener, it is simply the best option presented on the market within the market at the same price range automatic door openers.

The industrial motor is featured to cope with the lightweight and middleweight garage doors, performing opening and closure operations. Moreover, the Chamberlain PD210D is suitable for operating the 2-door garage doors of weight categories mentioned previously. It is a great option toward a less-noisy performance as well as the product that owes a broad range of incomparable characteristics.