LiftMaster 3240 Garage Door Opener Review

LiftMaster 3240 Premium Series review


LiftMaster 3240 Premium Series 1/2 HP Screw Drive W/O Rail Assembly is the best thing for your garage. From now on you can forget about unreliable equipment that make a lot of noises and force you to wait.If you are fed up of constant closing and opening your garage doors, which takes away your time and causes pain in arms and back, you should seriously think of getting an automatic solution. Another reason to change the door must be your worries, especially during nights.

LiftMaster 3240 – Why You Should Buy

LiftMaster 3240 is the best thing you can get for safety and a convenient usage of the garage door. You will be satisfied with its smooth work, without spending money on door locks and other tools.

The device has a lot of strong sides, which will convince you in a purchase. According to customers reviews and features from the manufacturer, in particular, this product cannot be compared with other similar items.

So, let’s look at benefits from usage this device…

  • Easy to install. You do not need a help of professional, so after buying the device you can install it yourself without hassle
  • The unit is extremely durable. You will not face any problems for many years if choose this product. P3 motors ensure long and proper work of the device
  • Due to the design of the rail in a single piece, you will not hear any annoying noise plus the door will open and close very smoothly
  • Its quiet functioning is another cons. Comparing with other mechanisms, this unit has got the motor vibration isolation system. Also, you will not notice any difference after a few years of usage of the device
  • Every new code is connected to the remote control and provides the highest level of security. There are three buttons for operating three garage doors
  • You will get a multi-functional control panel as well, which offers option to close/open the door, turn on/off the light from the distance
  • Other accessories such as the door and gate monitor for closing up to four gates and doors from any room of the house, and Wireless Keyless Entry System will improve using the device and make you feel secure without panel or remote control guaranteed
  • You have an option to control the door automatically, even when someone is trying to open it
  • The manufacturer assures the lifetime warranty for the motor and 1-year warranty for parts
  • And the last reason you have to get LiftMaster 3240 is its energy efficient characteristic. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the bill every month

You must be impressed with options this device has got. There is a list of important features that make LiftMaster 3240 garage door opener smart and a worthy purchase. Read through them below and make sure you will not find a better unit for such price.

  1. Performance

The device includes ½ Horsepower motor and the screw of industrial strength that insures continuous work. The inner parts make the item long-term and sturdy, no matter how often you need to close and open the door of your garage

  1. Evenness and quiet work

The motor vibration isolation system guarantees smooth and quiet work while the door is functioning

  1. Safety

The product offers 100% safety for your cars. According to the Security plus technology, when the remote control is clicked it receives a new code

  1. Compatibility

If you have a car that is equipped with HomeLink, it will match the LiftMaster 3240 garage door opener system

  1. Look

The appearance of the device is stylish, modern and comes in grey and white colour, so this fact adds another positive description to the review of the unit

Like any product, LiftMaster 3240 has got its pros and cons that we should discuss here. Due to the brand’s information and customers rates, you can choose if this device will suit your needs.



  • The one piece rail design makes the system very smooth
  • You do not need to use lubrication, like with other garage doors that become rough
  • It is possible to manage the time of the light, which saves you from going out and turning the light off and saves your money as well
  • Easy process of installation does not require professional help
  • The door reflects on the obstructive object and does not close. The safety technology prolongs the term of durability and high level of performance
  • Numerous accessories make the life easier for the owner and improve the usage of the device



  • Some customers had issues about the look if the device and additional accessories.