LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series garage door opener reviewcheck-best-price

LiftMaster is a professional line of the garage equipment that provides the best quality, security and long-term performance. LiftMaster 3280 is a new product that helps to manipulate the door of the garage from the longer distance. Apart from having an option to function the door with the help of the remote control, this very unit has got much more useful features.If you are currently thinking of getting a new or your first one garage door opener tools, you need to rely on your requirements. Think about the location, door type and what options you need to feel safe.

LiftMaster 3280 – Reasons to Buy

The list of positive facts about this device will make you want to get it and install it in your house. Let’s look at the list with all statements about the product for making a right and successful purchase. Read carefully through each point as they tell about the advantages of the LiftMaster 3280 over other garage opener systems.

  • The unit provides the electronics technology that makes installation and usage easy
  • The remote control can close/open your garage door from longer distance, comparing with other products
  • You still can open the garage door if the power goes off by using the manual release handle system
  • This device offers the Motor Vibration Isolation System and does not make a sound while closing/opening the door
  • Change and create a new safety code on the control panel for better protection
  • The unit has got a 200 watts light source, which ensures a bright light, plus you will not find it difficult to chance light bulbs yourself
  • The Patented PosiLock system is a novelty, which guarantees maximum security while the garage door is closed
  • The reinforced belt drive mechanism is set for smooth and durable functioning when open and close
  • The device does not need a professional installation. By following the instruction, you can set it yourself

Now you know what to expect from this device. The LiftMaster brand is very popular around commercial building and houses due to its features. The manufacturer has added important characteristics that differ the unit from other products.

  1. HP Motor

According to the HP Motor, you can enjoy a perfect work of this garage door opener system. The mechanism insures durable and continues work during years without using a lubricant

  1. T-rail Assembly

One of the main parts of the device is a piece solid-steel T-rail that increases safety and makes the grip sturdy

  1. Control Panel and Remote Control

Using control panel you can close a few doors and gates, chance and create new security codes. With the help of the remote control, you have an option to turn on/off the light, close/open the door and use other functions that simplify the usage of the system

  1. Motor Vibration Isolation System

Closing and opening the garage door will not annoy you with its creaking sound

LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP Belt Drive W/O Rail Assembly has both pros and cons. According to customers rates and reviews, there are only statements about strong sides of this product, which is an excellent result.



  • The garage door opens and closes quite fast, which saves time
  • The device does not make any sound and it proves its high quality
  • You do not have to call the manager and ask people to install the unit. You will find instruction and set it alone without facing problems. Use the remote control to set the device
  • PosiLock system increases the safety level while the garage door is closed
  • The option of changing the security code makes the protection better
  • Powerful light bulbs provide more light and are easy to replace
  • You can buy the unit for residential or industrial use
  • Low price $223.81 is a great deal, considering all pros the LiftMaster 3280 has got

Hopefully, you liked the review and now can make a smart decision to have a good sleep and protect your vehicles. Check the garage door opener system on Amazon for a better cost and quick shipping.