Linear Model LD050 – Chain or Belt Drive

There is a wide range of Linear garage door opener models and all of them are of a very high quality, but the main criterion that distinguishes LD050 from the rest is the ability to install it in two different ways: with a belt drive lifting or chain drive mechanism. Whatever garage you have (with double or single garage doors) this model will be suitable in any case.

Linear Model LD050 Review

If you have a desire to purchase a heavy solid wooden kind of a garage door opener then the best option would be the model – ¾ HP Linear LC075.

The LD050 garage opener model is a standard model for houses and can’t be used in commercial needs. It is equipped with a 3-button remote control and a wall-mounted control panel where you can do reprogramming. Also this control panel is illuminated, has big buttons, light switch and even a special mode called “vacation mode” which means that u can disable it while you are on vacation or elsewhere for a week or even longer.

Apart from all these advantages the Linear model LD050 has the longest warranty, to be precise, it will last forever – it is a Lifetime warranty which includes the belt and the motor. Comparing it with a LD033 it is a really huge step forward.

In some features, these two models are similar, for example, they are both equipped with very high-security features. You can be 100 percent sure that there will never happen any break in and moreover, no burglar will have a chance to get inside. All this is due to a special rolling code technology. Also, there is a feature with the help of which you might stop the door in an open position even during the closing process.

The place where you can buy it – is through a professional dealer network. Available to purchase for 7,8 and 10-foot tall garage doors.