Overhead Python 2 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

This particular model is very quiet though it is a chain drive model. During the opening or closing process, the in-line chain is used and exactly this chain performs two functions at the same time. First of all, it has an ability to reduce the noise and second- it reduces the maintenance needs.

All garage door openers that have a chain drive mechanism have exposed chains and with the time these chains loosen and rattle. But speaking about Overhead Door Python 2 it doesn’t require any special cover or lubrication. Without any special maintenance, it will serve you several years, but of course шf you want to last it longer you may use some chain lubrications.

Garage Door Opener Python 2 – Really Worth it!

Clean and Durable

Comparing it with other chains from different models and brands, it becomes clear that this particular model looks cleaner and the wires are not exposed in it. Also, the drive sprocket is made of metal and not plastic, which means a much longer life of the chain (again comparing with other models). Yet one more its pro is that it demonstrates great performance whatever the weather conditions are – cold or hot, rainy or sunny.

All the assets are secured and completely safe

The Python 2 is a very reliable model in terms of security and safety, perhaps that is why many people opt for exactly this model. It is equipped with such features as CodeDodger rolling code – this technology is capable of keeping all the transmission codes safe; Safe-T-Beam – this technology was developed to react if something gets in the way, and if something really does – the system stops closing the garage door.

When buying this Overhead door opener, think of buying some accessories to it, as one day you will perhaps need them. Also, if you decide to buy it, remember that it is suitable for such garage doors as 7’6’’ tall, and for 8’’ with rail extension kit.