Reprogramming Of The Garage Door Opener

If and when there is a necessity to reset or reprogram the garage door opener, almost all people face a real problem as there exist a range of ways how to cope with it and that is why no one knows exactly which way will work 100 percent. The explanation for this fear is very simple – there exist many companies and therefore manufacturers who produce different kinds of garage door openers and, therefore, the reprogramming or resetting varies. Also, one will not find much information on this issue even on the Internet, that’s why here is the checked way that will definitely work and  easily reprogram your garage door opener.


When one is ready to start the job of reprogramming, the only thing he/she will need is the Internet connection or the contact details of the company that had installed the garage door opener before. Usually, this information is found on the ceiling-mounted section of the opener.


When one finds the contact information, it should be written down. After that, a person should press the “learn” button that is located at the back of ceiling-mounted section (where the numbers were). NOTE* All modern garage door openers have this button, examples of new brands are: Genie and Chamberlain.


When the button is pressed, you have half a minute (30 seconds) to first press and then hold the button on the remote control. This action should be done so that to place the lights on the mounted unit flash.


In case if one needs to reprogram the keyless entry pad, then any 4 digit numbers should be chosen and pressed in 30 seconds after which the ENTER button should be pressed. Such garage door opener brand as Genie works in a little bit different way. To reprogram the Genie opener you should press a pin number that can be up to eight numbers. When the number is chosen, check everything by pressing and sending the button 4-5 times in a row. When doing it, be very careful and don’t allow children or other objects to be close to the operating door.


Having a few garage door openers – add a code there too. First of all open the cover fully, then enter a pin and press the PROG three times. After that enter the number of the door and press the PROG again. When these three actions are done, close the cover and the process of reprogramming or resetting will be over.


Not having enough time or desire to do all this reprogramming, there is a simple way out of this situation – purchasing a universal garage door opener. It is also a perfect way out to have it in case if you have just moved into the house and have absolutely no idea what the code is and moreover, no idea where the guide book or any manual to resetting a garage door opener is. It will save you from stress and save a lot of time.
When all the process was done following all the steps but still during the checking something doesn’t work – repeat everything from the beginning. Remember the fact that all control remotes are done by different manufacturers and that’s why the models vary and their functions too. If you have tried everything but the door opener still fails to show excellent performance – contact the manufacturer to get more specific and detailed data, information and guidance.


Having a garage door opener is a huge advantage. Adjusting it with a code, it will automatically stop if it comes in contact with some object. Another its pro results in safety and security of all your belongings and assets. But nevertheless once in a while you will have to reset your opener and the best way to do it is to follow these exact instructions.
By simply following these 5 easy steps you will be sure that your garage door opener will serve you much longer and that your assets will always be safe.