Genie SilentMax 1000 – 3/4 HP DC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Genie SilentMax 1000 motor belt drive garage door opener review


The SilentMax from Genie is a very powerful garage door opener even for heavy garage door models. It is very easy to assemble and install it. Also, it has great security and safety features that will not let anyone in. Therefore, you can be 100 percent sure that your assets are at a complete safety.This particular model includes 2 remote controls, on each of which you will find 3 buttons. Apart from 2 remotes, it comes with a wireless entry keypad and a deluxe wall console.The biggest advantage of this garage door opener is hidden in its name – Silent. The silence that’s what we are all looking for. This particular feature is greatly welcomed by all the customers.It is a DC powered door opener with constant monitoring which means that if something gets on its way (person, object, animal), the door will automatically change its direction during closing or opening cycles. Also, it has slow start and stop which makes the process very quiet and the life of the door opener longer. DC motors use less energy than AC ones, therefore, it is a better option.

Genie Silent Max 1000 Review

Speaking about the price it is very affordable and reasonable, considering all the pros of this model. If you door is 7’’ foot than it would cost you about 200 dollars, whereas if your door is 8’’foot then you would have to add additional 40-50 dollars for a rail extension kit.

If you want your garage to close very fast then you will have to add another 50 dollars for a closed confirm remote (though if you don’t need this feature, you will save the money).

To conclude, if you are searching for a quiet garage door opener than the belt drive model SilenMax 1000 is exactly what you need.


Advantages and disadvantages of Genie silentmax 1000

This model is relatively new to the market and consequently people, though it has already got lots of positive feedbacks, comments, and reviews. It has got 4.4 stars out of 5 at the home depot site. Also, it was tested by the Handyman Club of America and after that test it is now being recommended all over the world as it has got 9.3 stars out of 10.



  • extremely quiet;
  • the installation lasts only around 3-4 hours;
  • the presence of 2 remote controls, a wireless keypad, and a deluxe console;
  • amazing warranty – 15 years for the belt and lifetime for motor and gearbox;
  • powerful though very smooth and silent operation;
  • the presence of helpful during installation color coded parts;



  • if the door is 8 foot tall a purchase of a rail extension kit is necessary;
  • if using old Intellicode remotes, it might be hard to program the garage door opener;
  • inability to accommodate CFL bulbs as they are too big to fit.

The SilentMax is equipped with a ¾ horsepower motor and it is more than enough for heavy wooden doors or even carriage house doors.

Though if you still need something more powerful then there is a SilentMax 1200 from Genie (more powerful than ¾ ).


The main distinctions between these two models are the following:

  • The SilentMax 1200 has a PowerPlus DC motor of a ¾ horsepower whereas the SilentMax 1000 has ¾ horsepower of an AC motor;
  • The SilentMax 1000 opens (7.5 inches per second) a little slower than its competitor SilentMax 1200 (9 inches per second);


Advantages of dc powered motors over ac

The Genie brand has been producing garage door openers that are DC and AC powered for a long time. And here are the main key factors why DC motors are better:

Slow Start and Stop – when the door is almost closed or opened, the DC motor slows down in order to not make any jerks or noise. Apart from reducing the noise from the opening and closing cycles, it also prolongs the life of the garage door opener itself.

Efficiency- it is a known fact that while working the DC powered motors use much less energy comparing with the AC ones. Of course, it is not a lot of money that you will save with it though it is pleasant to know that it is still happening and you are not simply wasting them.

Safety, Security – Constant Monitoring – thanks to this feature, all the objects, animals or people that get on path/way of the door opener will be saved as during the encounter, the door will simply stop its cycle or reverse. In this way, nothing will be damaged and the door will stay in its great shape too.

Advanced Features of Genie SilentMax 1000

There are still many advanced and unique features that should be mentioned:

SmartSet™ – this amazing feature was designed to adjust speed, power and limit (when the opener stops at the very top or bottom). To adjust it, nothing more than special buttons are needed.

Dual Frequency System – this system allows the garage opener to select either 325 or 390 MHz transmission frequency.

Multi-Function Wall Control – the wall control performs the following actions. First of all there is an open and close button on the wall, second – there is a button to turn the light on and off and third yet the most important – is the turning on of the Sure-Lock feature. The Sure-Lock feature is especially good, in case if you go on a vacation or business trip for some time. The opener will be locked and nobody will be able to open it even using the remotes or wall control.

High Output Lights – the SilenMax 1000 offers 2 bulbs 200 watts each and it is absolutely enough for parking the car as the light lasts for 4 minutes. Though in case if you are planning to work on your car or on some other hobby in the garage then of course you will have to consider having more light.

Optional Closed Confirm Remotes –this a really excellent feature. If you don’t want to worry and think whether you garage door got closed or not, the confirm remote will help. When the door is completely closed then the remote will beep and show a green light. Whereas in case if something went wrong – the confirm remote will flash with red light. The cost of this pleasure is 50 dollars.

Security and Safety

The security and safety features of the SilentMax 1000 are standard though greatly improved comparing with older models. Constant monitoring and GenieSense technology will not let the door come in contact with an object on its way/path. Safe-T-Beam also plays a great safety feature – there is a special infrared light that is spread all over the bottom line of the garage door and if this light is interrupted, the garage door will simply stop or reverse.

Genie’s Intellicode® 2 standards feature is now present in all garage door openers produced by Genie brand. This technology improves the signal encryption. Also, it automatically changes the transmission code to keep the code and everything that is inside safe.

Remote Controls

The SilentMax 1000 comes with 2 remote controls. Each of them has 3 buttons and these remotes are compatible with an old Intellicode, that is very important if you have one especially for programming and operating of the garage door openers.

Speaking about the other things that are compatible with the SilentMax, these are the HomeLink® and Car2U® home automation systems, of course if your car has them.

DC powered motors are not measured in horsepower but in Newtons. And taking an example with the SilentMax its power is the same as ¾ horsepower of an AC motor. Its competitor SilentMax 1200 is a little more powerful than ¾ horsepower AC motor.

Professionally Installed Option

There are 3 main differences between the SilenMax 1000 and Genie IntelliG1000:

  • when buying the SilentMax 1000 the owner should know that the rail for the DIY should already be assembled whereas in case with the Genie Pro IntelliG 1000 it already comes pre-assembled;
  • The Genie Pro IntelliG 1000 is supported by the dealer network;
  • The Genie Pro IntelliG garage door opener model can be mated with either a belt or chain drive. Whereas the SilentMax 1000 can only be mated with a belt drive lifting. Therefore, if you are more interested in chains rather than a belt, then consider looking at the Genie ChainMax 1000.