LiftMaster 8500 Garage Door Opener

The 8500 LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Review

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series garage door opener review


Overall rank among Top Door Openers: №2
Owning a garage door opener as a part of a home appliances became a standard for the majority of modern households. Despite this fact an inappropriate installation of this automatic device may expose to danger anyone within its operating distance.
When building the home for yourself and your family, the security of each element is the most vital aspect to consider as it ensures safety of entire household. The garage is one of the fundamental parts of a house, consequently it is the obligation of yours to install a high-quality automatic opener. This will ensure both the protection of personal belongings and the security of your family. The 8500 LiftMaster is the best choice to ensure both requirements.
To understand why we have written the article about this model, we will consider benefits the opener provides to its users.


Opener’s Components & Accessories

The Actual OpenerIncludes 5 year parts warranty and a lifetime motor warranty. A compact size devise is attached to the shaft with the spring across the garage door.
Wall ConsoleIs to be mounted directly on the wall. It performs the opening and lightning commands. The ‘learn’ button of console avoids the manual performance of commands via main unit.
Infrared Safety Beam SensorsSensors are usually installed at the bottom of rails. Those prevent garage door’s closure in case of the presence of any object within the closure area.
Power LocksLocks are responsible for door’s automatic lock after the shut was complete.
Cable Tensioner SensorSensor controls cable’s straining during the process performance. If tensioner detects a problem, it opener gets stopped to prevent the damage of opener and a door.
Remote LightA wireless remote is prompted with each door opening or with the help of wall mount opener.
One Remote ControlThe control is fully programmable and is equipped with 3 control buttons: two buttons control the door and the third is used to manage the exterior lights.
Cabling and Mounting HardwareHardware ensures the configuration of entire system and connects control operations between the motor, opener and its accessories.
Remote Light Control (825LM)Ensures the management of wall outlet lights. The control is conducted by the button from remote control.
Remote Light Switch (823LM)Performs as above accessory, but the control is performed from light switch in the wall. To ensure the performance of device, the wall switch needs to be replaced with the remote light switch. It is also possible to connect the switch to any exterior lights outside the garage door.
Door Monitor (829LM)The monitor can be installed inside home despite the distance from the actual door. It signals door’s conditions at present time and allows to perform door’s shut command.
To ensure the safety of operation, door’s alarm signals people within operating are about the start of closure.
Wall mount Wireless Entry (877MAX)It allows to prevent being locked outside the garage. The interface requires the 4-digit code that an individual has to enter in the remote control. Such door management can be applied to 8 doors maximum, however, each door requires a unique 4-digit code.
HomeLink RepeaterUsed to programme an in-car HomeLink system for cars issued earlier than 2012.
Battery BackupThe backup ensures the continuous operation of garage door performance in case of electricity power outage.
Additional Remote ControlsEach additional remote control allows additional users to manage garage door’s operations. Multiple devices are found highly useful for households with multiple cars.

Product Advantages

  • Secure and steady performance in the cold climate. The particular model of the LiftMaster is ranked to be the top due to its perfect performance even after being idle for a while during the freezing winter season.
  • Simple and fast installation. The installation process was made very easy and straightforward. The best advice is to precisely follow an easily-understood manual. If you are unsure of personal capabilities, or you do not have the time, or you may think you do not have the relative experience, it is always possible to hire the professional to do the installation for you.
  • Wireless control. It is possible to connect the opener via the internet to the HomeLink software that will make it available for the user to send the prompt command to the opener while staying in a car. This feature gets the rid of the need to get out from the car each time and come to open the door when arrive back home.
  • The awareness of door’s condition. The HomeLink also provides the user information about current status of the door, whether it is opened or closed, as well as whether it is fully shut or was left slightly opened.
  • Automatic Lights. The additional feature of the particular opener is an automatic switch of the lightening system. The system transfers a signal to user by switching the lights on when the protector system is out of control or damaged. Furthermore, the opener is compatible with other security technologies, such as MyQ and 2.0TM.
  • Affordability. The price of the particular opener model is very attractive and follows in the competitive range, so even the person who is looking for a budget-saving investment can consider this product as the option.
  • The opener has a 5-year warranty. As stated by multiple users, ensuring the correct utilization of the opener, the product does not have any problems for a long time after the warranty is finished. This allows to conclude that the particular model is durable.
  • Noiseless operation. The quiet working garage door opener is a very useful feature: you will not disturb anymore not your neighborhood nor your family on leaving or arrival.
  • Purely automated processes. The LiftMaster engineers made the particular mechanism fully automatized in terms of speed regulation for close and opening positions. The system manufactured continuously scans the surrounding area for the presence of the physical objects that may disrupt the opener from proceeding the operation. If any object is detected, the system instantly stops the motor, and the door stops too. There is the possibility to regulate the speed of the door opener. The panel also indicates the present temperature, which allows it automatically adopt the motion of the opener’s motor.
  • Safety. The appliance box of the opener provides the continual protection of motor’s parts, as well as lubricates it automatically, which ensures the smooth operation and prolongs the life of the entire mechanism. The automated lightning system switches on the light on the control box, informing about the damage or disruption of the protection system. Additionally, the integrated MyQ Control Panel allows to apply the ‘Unique Code’ program which generates never repeated unique digit codes that are sent from the remote control to the garage door opener to prompt the open or closure commands. With this problem, the user can fully rely on the complete protection of the property because the code is impossible to guess or compose.

Product Critique

  • Wiring Adjustment. There is only one point we would like to bring as the issue of the 8500 LiftMaster is the need to adjust the wiring in order to reach the opener, as it has to be placed outside the garage. While the most models are made to be installed on the roof of the garage. Below there are the general strength and weaknesses of the product itself are listed to provide the searcher with the overall picture of the product.

Overall Verdict

Certainly, the 8500 Liftmaster is a top-quality opener. Its Security systems left pleased many users who purchased this model. Even though, it is very important to be aware of all its features and capabilities prior to making an investment. By holding the knowledge about the performance of this product and its characteristics, it is much easier to make the best decision that will meet all your needs and preferences.

The Guide towards the Correct Use of the Product

  • Product’s Manual. First of all, after the purchase of this product, make sure you fully familiarized yourself with the manual and understood each step of the installation instructions. You may want to go through all possible features the opener has twice to ensure that you use the best or all of them to make your investment enjoyable.
  • Ensure the right expertise. You can install the product itself only if you have the previous experience in the installation of the same or very close to this garage door openers. If not, it is strongly advised to hire the professional to install the motor and control panels properly. The correct and proper installation is vital for the long-lasting and smooth performance of the opener.